Continuing where I left off, I began scouring the internet in for better deals. I also began looking at reviews for which Blaster is the best one, all while looking at the availability that I had here nearby. The more research I put into my collection, the more invested I became in looking for the perfect blaster. I remember looking on Amazon for decent prices on good blasters, and I found the Stryfe at the price point of $11. I was thinking, “Wow, that is absolutely perfect! I need this!”. I ended up buying three of them, one for myself and 2 for my two cousins. (more…)


My favorite Nerf Blaster.

HammershotOne of my absolute best blasters from Nerf has to be the ZombieStrike Hammershot. One of the main reasons being is that you cock it by pulling down the hammer. It is a practical blaster, by that, I mean you can prime and fire it using only one hand, making it perfect for dual wielding. It also looks close to an actual revolver, meaning that you can make all your cowboy dreams come true. It’s also possible to fan the hammer, albeit a bit difficult. (more…)