Nerf Action Sequences

One thing that really captivates me regarding Nerf Blasters is that they are really useful in action sequences. Utilizing Nerf Blasters does not diminish the quality of scenes at all, they give them a more dynamic view as using prop guns are more unsafe in terms of filming. (more…)


My favorite Nerf Blaster.

HammershotOne of my absolute best blasters from Nerf has to be the ZombieStrike Hammershot. One of the main reasons being is that you cock it by pulling down the hammer. It is a practical blaster, by that, I mean you can prime and fire it using only one hand, making it perfect for dual wielding. It also looks close to an actual revolver, meaning that you can make all your cowboy dreams come true. It’s also possible to fan the hammer, albeit a bit difficult. (more…)

Nerf Legolas

While darts are typically flung towards people in Nerf shootouts, some may not realize that there are other types of foam flinging weapons available. One would not really expect using a bow and arrow to fling darts. Bows and arrows have been in production under the Nerf brand starting in 1991 until today. Starting with the “Bow ‘n’ Arrow” that was released in 1991, bows have had a considerable presence to this day.


Affordable Dart Options: EKIND & Little Valentine

If you have a wide assortment of Nerf Blasters like I do, you probably have already come across a common problem; extra darts. If you want to have more fun with Nerf blasters, you need more darts. But let’s face it, Nerf brand darts are expensive; they’re just flat out expensive. However, there are several third party options out there that are just as good, if not better.