Zombie Strike

Zombie Strike is a series of Nerf dart and disc blasters and Super Soakers that was released on August 4, 2013.

The Zombie Strike line is mainly a “theme” for the blasters, with the blasters themselves overlapping with other lines such as N-Strike, N-Strike Elite, Vortex and Super Soaker. There is no uniform color scheme; rather, there are several general color scheme types which depend in part on the type of blaster.

Some of these blasters are actually straight recolors of older blasters from those aforementioned other lines, whereas other blasters are originally released under the Zombie Strike line and later recolored under one of those other lines. In addition, the European market packaging is slightly redesigned compared to the United States market packaging and actually often features the logo of one of those other lines alongside the Zombie Strike logo, thus emphasizing the status of “Zombie Strike” as a “theme” or sub-series rather than a completely distinct line.