N-Strike Mega

N-Strike Mega, also known as the Mega Series, is a sub-series of Nerf N-Strike and N-Strike Elite blasters that was released in 2013. The N-Strike Mega sub-series features the use of the new Mega Dart type and features blasters that have firing ranges of up to a hundred feet. Blasters within this series have a red color scheme and feature the “Mega” logo frequently on each’s shell design.

This was the first series to use the newer type of Mega Dart.

In June of 2014, the Magnus was spotted under Zombie Strike color schemes. In addition, Mega Darts also became a Zombie Strike product. This meant that the N-Strike Mega series had officially crossed over to the Zombie Strike line alongside many other current series.

Sometime in late 2014 it was announced that Hasbro would more than likely not be producing any further clip system Mega blasters because of reasons relating to the Centurion’s relative lack of success.