N-Strike is a series of Nerf blasters that was first released in 2003. The N-Strike series started many new blaster trends in the Nerf line. N-Strike started making tactical rails, accessories and attachments usage popular. N-Strike blasters also resemble and function like real life weaponry much more than previous blasters; the debate whether this is a positive or negative thing is argued among Nerf enthusiasts.


The N-Strike series has a direct successor series: N-Strike Elite. Despite this, not all N-Strike products will receive the upgrade treatment. As of 2013, most products in the N-Strike lineup have been discontinued or replaced by the newer, better performing N-Strike Elite blasters. Six N-Strike blasters have been re-released under the N-Strike Elite line with color scheme variations to match the series. As these are technically not advertised to be N-Strike Elite blasters and do not match the performance of N-Strike Elite blasters, these are referred to as Elite Repaints.