MY NERF BLASTER COLLECTION! (PART 3: Addiction at it’s highest?)

Last time I left off, I went over a portion of my collection. Now I can finally show the rest of my collection, and it has become ridiculous since I’ve started.

The first blaster in this portion is the SlingStrike, a blaster similar to a slingshot. This blaster is likely the worst in my collection, with poor accuracy and range, it doesn’t compare to the rest of my arsenal.

Next up is the Alpha Trooper, a gem among gems. I found this blaster at Goodwill for 5 dollars, the Alpha Trooper sells for about $40-50 dollars on eBay. This blaster already makes my collection have substantial value.

The SplitStrike was the next blaster I acquired, a quirky blaster that can split from a one handed blaster to a dual wielding pair of pistols. I like this blaster, as I can pretend I’m in an action movie being a badass.

Next up is the Modulus series of blasters that I have. Starting off with the first one I bought is the Modulus ECS-10. This blaster is most likely the best find I have found while thrifting. This blaster sells for an estimated $45 at retail stores, I found this wonderful blaster for $15. That’s an absolute steal!

The Recon MK II is the next Modulus blaster picked up. It’s not that special, it was cheap at the time when I bought it. It tends to jam frequently, so I haven’t found a proper use for it at this moment.

My Modulus collects reaches it’s climax with a slew of attachments! While some of these are blasters on their own, they are primarily meant for attaching themselves to applicable blasters.

Now I have reached the Rebelle line of blasters that I own. Granted that these next blasters are actually bows, the Courage Crossbow, Tribute Bow, and Arrow Revolution Bow all function similarly, you put an arrow in, you pull back on the drawstring, and you release. Out of all of these, I prefer the Tribute Bow, I can roleplay Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games.

Finally, I can go over what I believe is the best blaster Hasbro has ever created!

That blaster being the Jolt! That was sarcasm, in actuality, the Jolt is my favorite blaster. It’s small size makes it perfect for discreet types of games. I remember have pistol duels with my cousins at night where we just try to hit each other just using Jolts. I like this blaster so much, I have 10 them, it’s perfect for parties too.

As of now, that’s all the Nerf Blasters I have in my collection. Don’t get me started with my melee weapons, that’s another blog post.

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