Continuing where I left off, I began scouring the internet in for better deals. I also began looking at reviews for which Blaster is the best one, all while looking at the availability that I had here nearby. The more research I put into my collection, the more invested I became in looking for the perfect blaster. I remember looking on Amazon for decent prices on good blasters, and I found the Stryfe at the price point of $11. I was thinking, “Wow, that is absolutely perfect! I need this!”. I ended up buying three of them, one for myself and 2 for my two cousins.

After some time, I found a Sharpfire, not the best in the world, but I got it cheap. Then I found the Hammershot, probably the greatest blaster Hasbro has ever released. I got two more of them down the line, now I can be a real cowboy. The Demolisher 2-in-1 was found in my local Target, which I purchased at about 50% off. Lastly, I got the Strongarm, at blaster that is so accessible that I bought 6 of them.

I still have other blasters in my collection that I have not gone over yet, so stay tuned for the final post!