My Nerf Blaster Collection! (Part 1: The Addiction Begins)

It’s no surprise that I collect Nerf blasters. I haven’t really expressed the size of my collection. Now while my collection doesn’t match up to the arsenal of others, a few of my friends have been calling me the Tony Stark of Nerf Guns.18471920_10156158617267571_1379366312_oThis is my collection, albeit a tad messy, but once organized, you will see how many blasters I have acquired within a short amount of time.

My collection first started on October 8th 2016 when I bought my first blaster, The Nerf Rival Apollo. At first I thought it would be cool to have one Nerf Blaster, but who knew that it would eventually become an addiction.


Shortly after getting a blue Apollo, I bought a red one to match, or more to share with someone else should I want to play. Then I became addicted to finding great deals for more blasters.