Flywheels vs Springers!

There is usually a great debate between Nerfers all around, the choice between using Flywheel blasters versus using Spring blasters. To recap, I will go over what a flywheel and a springer is after the jump.

A flywheel is a set of motors housed in the blaster that will propel darts forward. it’s similar to those Hot Wheels motor that push the cars forward. A Springer is a spring that is compressed inside the blaster that when released will propel the dart forward.

The great debate is which one is better than the other.

One of the pros for using a Flywheel blaster is that it is great for firing darts at a fast rate. With Springers, you have to prime the blaster each time before you can fire.

One pro for Springers is that they for the majority, are silent. With Flywheels, you have to rev the motors to propel darts, but that creates noise for you to be noticed. Springers however, while they do make noise, is that they are not as loud as Flywheels can be.

Personally I use both, as someone I need to quickly fire darts at someone, or sometimes I need to be stealthy to quietly take someone out.