My (current) ideal Nerf RIVAL Loadout.

The Nerf RIVAL line has a decent line of products currently released on the market, so i just figured I’d chime in on creating my ideal RIVAL loadout. Please not however, that some of these products aren’t readily available in the United States.

To start off, let’s go over my primary blaster of choice, the Nemesis MXVII-10K. As previously mentioned in a previous post. The Nemesis has a 100-round capacity, which is by far, the largest unmodified Nerf Blaster released to date. It’s a flywheel blaster that also uses a conveyor system to feed foam balls into the flywheels. It’s size is also hefty, as it’s very large to house both the ball hopper and the batteries inside. That being said, its size make it perfect to use as a primary blaster in games. However, as of this post, the Nemesis has not yet been released in the United States, it has only been released in Canada.

Moving on to my secondary blaster of choice, the Apollo XV-700. This blaster was the first to be released in the RIVAL line, it’s one of three different blasters that use the RIVAL line specific magazines. It’s a spring propelled blaster, meaning that it uses an internal spring to propel balls forward. Considering it’s size and utility, it’s perfect as a secondary blaster, as well as a primary blaster.

Speaking of magazines, I also thought of bringing several spare RIVAL magazines on my belt as well, there are two different size capacities, a 7-round and a 12-round magazine. The 7-round comes with the Apollo by default, while the 12-round comes with the other two blaster that use this magazine system. It is also available to be purchased separately. The 12-round magazine can also be used with the Apollo, increasing how many rounds you can fire. I’d carry at least two 7-round magazines and 6-8 12-round magazines on my belt.

Another part of my loadout is extra spare foam balls. Hasbro sells these separately, but they are quite expensive. However, there are several third party retailers that sell off brand balls at a better price. The ones I recommend are the ones created by Headshot Ammo, they sell several quantities at lower prices compared to Hasbro.

Lastly, let’s talk about melee weapons. While Hasbro has released several foam weapons, I found one that is absolutely perfect in size. That being the Captain America Civil War War Machine Combat Pack. It’s a roleplay set that let’s kids wear a War Machine mask and wield a foam baton that the character uses in the movie. That foam baton is perfect in size, big enough to use in Nerf games, but small enough to keep on your belt. The cost however is pretty pricey, retailing at $19.99. I managed to find two sets at Ross for $7.99 each.

So that’s my ideal RIVAL loadout, if you’re interested in purchasing or checking them out, there will be links down below.


Nemesis: Not available in the United States! 😦


Headshot Ammo:

12-round Magazines:

War Machine Combat Pack: