My favorite Nerf Blaster.

HammershotOne of my absolute best blasters from Nerf has to be the ZombieStrike Hammershot. One of the main reasons being is that you cock it by pulling down the hammer. It is a practical blaster, by that, I mean you can prime and fire it using only one hand, making it perfect for dual wielding. It also looks close to an actual revolver, meaning that you can make all your cowboy dreams come true. It’s also possible to fan the hammer, albeit a bit difficult.

While it only holds five shots, its very easy to reload, simply slide another dart into an open chamber. It is also quite reliable, meaning that the chance of it flying the intended distance is high. Now if you can imagine dual wielding two of them, then you can imagine yourself as a cowboy in a shootout, guns-a-blazing. Luckily I have two of them, so I can dress up as a cowboy and have a duel at sundown.