Affordable Dart Options: EKIND & Little Valentine

If you have a wide assortment of Nerf Blasters like I do, you probably have already come across a common problem; extra darts. If you want to have more fun with Nerf blasters, you need more darts. But let’s face it, Nerf brand darts are expensive; they’re just flat out expensive. However, there are several third party options out there that are just as good, if not better.

I found two different third party brands on Amazon, EKIND and Little Valentine darts. Both are very similar to Nerf Brand darts, but the best thing about the both of them is that they’re both considerably cheaper than the official brand. For example, a pack of 100 darts from Nerf cost around $29.99 plus tax, but EKIND offers a similar product costing around $9.99. Little Valentine doesn’t offer 100-count darts but they do offer more quantities still at a lower cost. If you’re looking to increase the amount of foam ammunition for you Nerf Wars, I believe that EKIND and Little Valentine are definitely the best suppliers for extra darts.

Here are Amazon links to both EKIND and Little Valentine.


Little Valentine