Local Nerf Community found!

While exploring the internet for deals on toys I stumble a website, it’s actually a local Nerf community located in the South Bay Area. They are people who are interested in gathering people who have the similar interest in Nerf wars, discussing latest modifications and helping other people grow as enthusiasts.

They are called B.U.R.N, which stands for Bay Area Urban Recreational Nerf. Looking at their website it seems like they follow the same rules as they would follow Airsoft guidelines. Seems like to me these individuals have a huge appreciation for the sport game and their website has an abundance of information. To me looks like they provide a lot of incentive and furthering my interest in the hobby, makes me want to read more, and it makes me want to participate. They also have a podcast which is really interesting from what I have heard, they all seem very dedicated to having fun.

Check them out at their website: http://www.bayareanerf.com/