Upcoming Blasters from the New York Toy Fair Part 2!

nerfdreadbolt-625x336Last time I left off I was covering upcoming blasters from this year’s New York Toy Fair. Something new coming this year is the Nerf ZombieStrike Dreadbolt Blaster. One of the main focuses for this Blaster that really caught my attention is the fact that rather than using the traditional darts, it uses arrows. It definitely looks like an interesting Blaster, the Green and the orange mix really well together it also reminds me of The Walking Dead just an interesting aesthetic considering it correlates to zombies. I may consider picking this up later in the fall depending on the size and depending on how the reviews are but so far it looks really nice and really interesting.

nerfjudge-625x352Another blaster is the Nerf Doomlands Judge Blaster. It’s a pretty hefty size blaster, it’s very huge in size. It has a 30 Dart capacity, which is really impressive and it also shoots three darts which makes it a very shotgun style blaster within which you pump and then fire. Personally I might skip on this one because the size is definitely not worth its dart capacity.


nerfvoidcaster-625x404Now the next blaster is one that I am conflicted on purchasing considering the fact I have never bought anything from the Alien Menace line. The Nerf Alien Menace Voidcaster is a pretty unique looking blaster. It reminds me of weapons from the HALO Series and the colors aren’t bad either. the orange, white and blue really kind of give a unique diversity to this particular line. And the approximated retail price isn’t that bad either I may have to consider picking this one up because it just looks like a fun type of blaster.