Month: February 2017

Upcoming Blasters from the New York Toy Fair Part 2!

nerfdreadbolt-625x336Last time I left off I was covering upcoming blasters from this year’s New York Toy Fair. Something new coming this year is the Nerf ZombieStrike Dreadbolt Blaster. One of the main focuses for this Blaster that really caught my attention is the fact that rather than using the traditional darts, it uses arrows. It definitely looks like an interesting Blaster, the Green and the orange mix really well together it also reminds me of The Walking Dead just an interesting aesthetic considering it correlates to zombies. I may consider picking this up later in the fall depending on the size and depending on how the reviews are but so far it looks really nice and really interesting.



Upcoming Nerf Blaster from NYTF 2017! Part 1

The New York Toy Fair recently took place, and with that came a lot of news about upcoming Nerf Blasters. I’m personally excited to see all the new blasters on display in all its prototype glory. I wish I was there myself to try them all out. (more…)

How to have a Nerf War

In order to maximize your Nerf fun potential, you got to have a Nerf war! Nerf wars are events that are of great fun and great exercise, and it takes some effort and time to plan. It’s also incredibly fun to blast someone with foam darts! Usually to have a Nerf war, you need to establish the following; at least two locations, rules, date and time, players, and blasters.   (more…)

Pick-Ups: N-Strike Elite Splitstrike

splitstrikeI wandered around Wal-Mart and found a Nerf N-Strike Elite Splitstrike Blaster. It is a pretty interesting blaster where it can split into two separate blasters. There is a lock on one side that allows it to split apart. It uses a direct plunger system to propel darts. It also utilizes smart air restrictors, that will let it fire darts one at a time, rather than all at once.

I find myself enjoying this blaster a lot, and it shoots pretty well.

The N-Strike Elite Splitstrike Blaster is $19.99 and is a Wal-Mart Exclusive blaster.


gallery-1485470449-screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-51824-pmWith the New York Toy Fair around the horizon, Hasbro revealed a new entry into its RIVAL line of blasters, The Nemesis MXVII-10K.

Similar to its other predecessors in the RIVAL series, it fires balls instead of darts, and can fire them up to speeds of 70 mph. The Nemesis is a flywheel blaster, so it has two battery-powered wheels that flings ball shaped ammo out of its barrel. While it’s similar to previous models of blasters, what’s new is its capacity. Rather than magazines or clips, the Nemesis uses a huge hopper that holds up to 100 rounds.

The Nemesis MXVII-10K will be available for purchase this fall for $99.99 MRSP.

An Abridged History of Nerf!

Nerf made its debut in a form of a polyurethane foam ball that was dubbed, “The World’s First Indoor Ball” in 1969. The Nerf ball was a hit, and the creators, Parker Brothers contracted with Reyn Guyer to create even more foam games.

While Parker Brothers wasn’t as enthusiastic about the actual games, they adored the idea of foam toys that kids could play indoors. The more memorable toys were likely the Nerf football, which debuted in 1972. Over the years, the Nerf brand changed ownership several times. (more…)